Thanks to Jen and Maditi I saw this beautiful project by Kirsty Hall
called The Diary Project

Nice coincidence because I received my package from Irina yesterday
which was very exciting , I tried to capture that experience in pictures....see it here

Posts that inspired me lately :

ah_yi Eno Henze
Lena Corwin Toga sweaters
Simplyolive Junko Shimada
Kelly's 5 favorites
And Jen reminded me again of this picture by Dorothea Lange

Summer has finally arrived in Amsterdam at least until Monday...
so we are going to make a fruit cake and lay in the garden...

Wishing you something equally enjoyable .


Kirsty said...

hanks for the link and the comment on my site, Loraine. I ilke the look of your blog, I'll have to spend some time looking at the archives.

simply olive said...

thanks for the link loraine.

have fun with the fruitcake!

k. cooper said...

hi loraine~
i was inspired by yours too! i adore the idea of having herbs around instead of flowers. they used to be relegated to my windowsill, but now i'm putting them everywhere. last weekend i picked up a gorgeous and super fragrant rosemary plant. the shapes and textures of herbs are so exciting.

erika said...

You blog is absolutely breathtaking!

Irina said...

sorry that I kept you waiting. I posted your photos from the swap at flickr today!
Thanks a lot, Irina

longge said...
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