Janfamily- Plans for other days

Published by Booth&Clibborn 2005
I saw it for sale here

These are some pictures from another book by Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund
called How these things live 2004
Nina and marie produce art work together under the name of Janfamily
Their work is about how you relate to people and objects.

.... another book on my very vague wish list
....waiting for the swap package
....and still messing about with fabric dye that doesn't produce black but
more grey-ish and blue colors .... ?


charlotte said...

these books are truly beautiful

simplyolive said...

i must say i'm in love with your blog. i spent some time yesterday looking through all your archives--you have such a great eye! very inspiring!
what do you do for a living? (just curious...)

jen said...

these books look amazing. thanks for sharing!

Carson said...

The dye: I've had similar problems with Dylon dyes. Have you tried adding a touch of darkest brown to counteract the blueness in the black? Sometimes that works.
Although with dyeing it's often hit or miss.
Lovely images, as always.

Heather Moore said...

I haven't checked your blog for a few days. What a treat was waiting for me today (Thursday)! Beautiful, beautiful things. So quiet and plain and so exquisite. Thanks.

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