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These drawings are from last years collection by Andrea Ayala Closa
The pictures are from her graduation show at the Flanders Fashion Institute

From all this years graduates , Andrea to me is the one who managed to tell her own story after reading all the stories from the past.
If you look at the other graduates you can see that the school puts much emphasis on knowing the history of costumes/clothing


Carson said...

Very theatrical..she's one to watch.

I'm amazed at how 'plugged in' you are Loraine, so much fresh thoughtful stimulus every week.

Makes me think I'm really in my own little world ;)

Loraine said...

Carson you have a talent for giving compliments :)

She is definitely someone to watch I'm curious if this will get translated into more wearable pieces....or not

...and my world is small too it's just that internet is making it bigger...