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Gorgeous isn't it....maybe one of you knows who made these
The only thing I know is that I cut it out from an elle decoration U.K.
a couple of years ago

Had to think of this picture from Debra/Culiblog shown on Beton&Garten


Carson said...

I'm forever doing that: keeping images I cut out without noting down the relevant details..years later you want to know who/what/when...and you don't!
But those vessels are beautiful, pity you can't attribute them, otherwise they'd be very nice for vw :)

Loraine said...

That's why I stopped doing that , but now i have to go through lots of magazines which isn't practical either.
Hopefully someone else can identify them....:)

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh, I'm sure I know who it is, but for the life of me I can't remember....that's not much help is it :)
They're very beautiful, if you do find out the name...

Anonymous said...

Thank you! These bowls insane pretty, prettier even than a water droplet on a nasturtium leaf. (As is your blog - a visual feast. Merçi!