Erik Verdonck

Erik Verdonck made this fine knitted garment in close collaboration with
Marina Yee 2003-2004

Handmade envelopes for invitations 2005-2006

Erik Verdonck was born in 1968 in Merksem/Belgium
graduated in 1993 in fashiondesign at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Has a hate/love relationship with the fashion industry
and a big love for knitted and/or hand sewn clothes


shoobydoo said...

The envelopes are absolutely beautiful!

Loraine said...

I have to agree ;)

Inkthread design studio & letterpress said...

I love the idea of the envelopes too!

Loraine said...

Hi Inkthread,
when will your blog be up and running.

Inkthread design studio & letterpress said...

Hi Loraine,

Blog is up and running... although,not much activity lately! Just starting both the blog and the business (website still not up...)Sorry I didn't reply any sooner

Loraine said...

Inkthread I can't wait to see more.
And I mean that.
Good luck with setting up your business and finding clients.